x Zoom Lens Canon PowerShot In The Making Possibly SX Mobile Apps

“Canon seems to be bringing its latest portable superzoom bridge or point and shoot camera in the market with the recent news of a 100x zoom camera being patented. Here’s what we know so far.
A recent patent at Egami indicated that a 3.8 – 380mm f/2.3-7 lens is being patented for a PowerShot camera model for Canon. In more simpler terms, this easily could be the 100x lens that people have been waiting for in around two years now.
The document has been filed on March 3rd of 2015, though it was only published in November 11 2016. Some changes include the optimization for the aperture flare cut, mitigation of the amount of peripheral light change and the ability to move independently while zooming.
The latest PowerShot model that comes close to this rumored camera is the Canon SX60, which was released on September of 2014. It only had a 65x zoom and with a bit high aperture value. If these figures are to be believed as the next SX70, it would be a huge leap in terms of performance, aperture and the zoom would almost be doubled.”

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