Why wont my printer associate with my remote switch PCWorld

“A reader asks:
u201cWhy is my canon printer not co
ecting to my wireless router? Since last night my Canon printer wonu2019t co
ect to my Wi-Fi network. Iu2019ve tried everything to get this working, but I still see that my printer is not co
ecting to Wi-Fi.u201d
Troubleshooting this problem will vary depending on the type of printer you have and the type of computer youu2019re pairing it with. The process for setting up a printer on a wireless network differs a bit from printer to printer, and fixing the issue will be different depending on if it had been previously co
ected without issue or if youu2019re having issues with the initial setup.
The first thing to do is to check the documentation that came with the printer and follow the instructions for co
ecting to a network. You should be able to find a copy on Canonu2019s support site if you have lost the original (or on another manufactureru2019s website if you donu2019t have a Canon printer).”

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