ucHow did you think of thatud u Mike Sallabank picture taker The City Talking

“u201cHow did you come up with that?u201d u2014 Mike Sallabank, photographer u2022u2022
BY Daniel Chapma
nMike Sallabank frequently bursts into infectious laughter as we talk things over in Common one Friday lunchtime. Heu2019s got a late night ahead of him that sounds more like an early morning, and heu2019s looking forward to seeing how the photographer coming to a club shoot with him later works.
u201cIu2019m always interested in how people do things,u201d he says. u201cItu2019s the maths part of my mind. I always want to know how things work.u201d
Thatu2019s why Mikeu2019s in control when it comes to the technical side of his job, shooting editorial photographs for Thomas Streetu2019s casual wear institution Oi Polloi. He has recently moved on from product shoots, replacing that job with one in marketing, and heu2019s having to learn fast; all while the house in Stretford, bought with his girlfriend at the start of the year, remains undecorated. Or even de-decorated, in parts, that they started but havenu2019t finished.
u201cI did the bedroom at Christmas when she went to visit her family for a few days,u201d says Mike. u201cSo we have that. And we didnu2019t touch the bathroom or the kitchen so weu2019ve got everything we need. Itu2019s just the rest of itu2026u201d
It waits because Mike has a lot going on, which we think he likes. The creative atmosphere in Manchester keeps him by turns fired up and intimidated.
u201cI went to the degree shows at the university, and I saw this chair that someone had made using a computer program theyu2019d written to emulate evolution. It was just like, what? How did you come up with that? But I love things like that.
u201cIf you look at everyone working here,u201d says Mike, indicating the smart flurry of staff ru
ing Common around us, u201cTheyu2019ve all got something going on. And theyu2019ll keep doing that thing, when theyu2019re not working here, and then at some point itu2019ll click. And then, woosh.u201d”

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