Transform your iPhone into a shockingly better advanced camera Network World

“Since the time a mobile phone vendor first added a camera lens (creating the u2018camera phoneu2019), weu2019ve seen improvements to the lenses, megapixels and software, but not much else on the outside. While youu2019ve likely given up using a regular digital camera in favor of your smartphone, for truly professional photographs you likely have invested in a larger DLSR-style camera (with the costs associated with that).
If youu2019re looking for something that helps enhance your existing iPhone but not to the level of the DLSR space, Bitplay has some accessories that can help. The company recently sent me a bunch of their Snap! line of camera cases and accessories u2013 the SNAP! Pro, the Snap! 7 and one add-on wide-angle lens.
The Snap! Pro Professional Camera case (About $270, ships from Japan, tested with the iPhone 6S) includes a variety of accessories:
A protective case that includes a physical shutter button (that pushes the lower volume button used in photo apps).
Two types of ergonomic grips that slide onto the case (one a very nice walnut wood version), giving your three fingers on your right hand (middle, ring finger and pinky) more stability when taking a shot.
A u201csteadiness-enhanced thumb restu201d that slides into the case next to the physical shutter button, giving the thumb on your right hand more comfort when shooting.
Two types of wrist straps (including one leather) that tie onto the strap hole on the case.
One wide-angle Macro lens (0.68x); other lenses are sold separately (up to 6 choices)”

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