This Junk Lens I Was About to Throw Out is Actually Amazing PetaPixel blog

“My collection of lenses grows each month; so much so that I recently had to accept the fact that I didnu2019t buy a big enough cabinet to store them all. In an attempt to free up some room I decided to conduct a culling.
In the process of getting exceptional lenses, sometimes I have to buy a batch in order to get the one Iu2019m after. Recently, I bought such a box which had one lens I wanted and a bunch of u201cbonusu201d junk lenses. One of these freebies was an old Minolta SR mount Vivitar 80-200mm f/4.5.
This lens is a one-touch, push-pull style zoom; slide the fat ring of the lens to adjust the focal length, and to adjust focus you simply rotate the same ring. Unfortunately, this lensu2019 ring is about as a tight as a 30 year old sock. With even the slightest tilt it sloppily slides forward or backward. There is a term for this condition which is called u2018lens creepu2019. Usually lens creep just means that the heavy front barrel of a zoom lens slowly drifts forward or backward, depending on which way itu2019s angled.
Mmmm yeahu2026 on this lens, the zoom ring itself u201ccreepsu201d about as smooth and quiet as a bowling ball thrown down a flight of stairs. This worn out 3rd-party zoom lens wasnu2019t about to take up any of the much-needed space in my lens cabinet.”

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