The Rumor That Sony Wants to Buy Nikon Isnt Totally Absurd But its Close Resource Magazine

“Yesterday, Sony Alpha Rumors published an article that claims there are parties at Sony who u201csmell blood in the wateru201d and are waiting for the time to pounce and purchase Nikon. It isnu2019t a totally ridiculous claim at this point, but itu2019s close.
The two comments in question here were posted to a Pentax message board by former Nikon Ambassador and current Pentax Ambassador Ke
eth Sporsheim. The first:
Nikon are bleeding most of all camera brands at the moment! They have lay-offs in many countries. Just here in Norway, they had to reduce staff from 13 to 3..and get rid of locations and have office at home. This is how things are behind the numbers on the paper.
And (which appears to have been edited down from what Sony Alpha Rumors posted):
Its a big and hard ship to turn when things starting to go wrong I know for a fact that Sony are circling around Nikonu2019s camera division like a shark in the water smelling blood. Its info from the u201cinsideu201d. But how serious it is for Sony, i canu2019t tell. Just know that they have been looking at this possibility. Havenu2019t updated me for a while.”

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