The immense Garfield sexual orientation banter about finishes after Wikipedia alter war Mashable

“Garfield’s first appearance was on June 19, 1978. Garfield was created by Jim Davis. Garfield is a tabby cat. Garfield is male. These are all things you will learn about Garfield at first glance of the Wikipedia page “Garfield.”
But what you don’t learn is the story behind why there are four cited sources for the cartoon cat’s gender.
Image: wikipedia
It all started when Twitter user, and Chapo Trap House podcast member, Virgil Texas found an old Jim Davis interview from Mental Floss that seemed to indicate that Garfield has no gender.
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FACT: Garfield has no gender. This. Is. Canon. u2014 Virgil Texas (@virgiltexas) February 24, 2017
He updated the Garfield Wiki to reflect this new revelation. Texas told The Washington Post that he was only concerned about u201cGarfield canon” and folks? I believe him.”

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