Ordinance concentrates on the midrange with two new DSLRs New Atlas

“Canon has a
ounced two new DSLRs u2013 the EOS 800D (or Rebel T7i in the US) and the EOS 77D
Canon has a
ounced two new cameras which will slot into the middle of its growing DSLR line-up. The EOS 800D (known as the Rebel T7i in the US) is the firm’s most advanced DSLR aimed at begi
ers, while the EOS 77D is targeted at photographers who are stepping up to a more enthusiast-friendly shooter.

While Canon is marketing the EOS 800D (Rebel T7i) as a starter DSLR, and the EOS 77D for those who are more confident in their photography skills, it’s important to note the two cameras have very similar specification sheets. Indeed, the biggest differences are arguably the physical controls on the cameras, and the way this impacts their use.”

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