CP Day Two u News Roundup Amateur Photographer

“By the end of day one we’d seen most of the new releases on show at CP+ 2017. On day two we spent more time at the show and came across a few products of interest. Michael Topham reports

The first day of a photographic show always keeps you on your toes when it comes to covering news, but sometimes a few products can go u
oticed and itu2019s not until you take a much closer tour of every stand on the second day that you realise you havenu2019t seen absolutely everything there is to see. Our second day at the CP+ show didnu2019t present any great surprises and most of the new products on show were covered in our CP+ Day One u2013 News Round-up we posted yesterday. There were a couple of things that caught our eye though and these can be found below.
Whatu2019s new at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2017 u2013 Day two
After hunting around on the Sony stand to try and find the companyu2019s new SF-G series SD cards we were guided towards the SD association stand where they were on display. According to Sony the SF-G cards will offer up to 299MB/s write speeds, contributing to more effective continuous burst mode shooting for high-resolution images so long as the camera in question supports UHS-II. Similarly, the write-speeds will also be of considerable benefit to the wide range of high-end DSLR and mirrorless cameras that are capable of shooting 4K quality video. Faster write-speeds also mean a shorter buffer clearing time, when shooting fast-moving action. You can read more in our Sony SF-G series news story.”

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