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“Canon made an unusual move in 2017 by a
ouncing the Canon 77D as the first camera in a new line that fits between the 80D and the 800D (AKA the Rebel T7i). If youu2019re scratching your head about what makes the 77D different, check out the 4.5-minute video above by ZY Productions about 8 differences between the 77D and 80D.

u201cWhat on earth is the 77D? I compare it to the 80D and talk about how theyu2019re different,u201d ZY writes. u201cI guess that makes the 800D a super spec-down of the 80D. 77D guts in an even crappier body.u201d
Canon says that the 77D u201crepresents a new category of advanced amateur EOS cameras, a step above the Rebel series.u201d Here are the 8 main differences pointed out by ZY:
1. Viewfinder: The 77D uses a pentamirror viewfinder while the 80D uses a pentaprism one.
2. Shooting speed: 77D shoots up to 6fps, while the 80D can do 7fps.”

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Confounded About Where the New Canon D Fits Then Watch This Video Fstoppers

“When Canon a
ounced the 77D as part of their Valentineu2019s day gift to photographers, many were left scratching their heads u2013 Where does it fit in the lineup? Is it an amped up Rebel T6s or a toned down 80D? Wait, there was even a camera called the T6s? To answer that second question, itu2019s a little bit of both. A video from ZY Productions does a great job explaining the differences between the 80D and the 77D. Many aspirational photographers want to step up to the 80D but donu2019t have the extra cash. So what do you give up for the $200 price difference? Are you getting a Rebel in all but name, or is this really a true double-digit u201cDu201d camera in the EOS lineup? Hereu2019s a quick rundown of the key differences from the video (and then some):
The Good
Price: Body price is $899 vs. $1099 for the 80D.
DIGIC 7 Processor vs. DIGIC 6 u2013 usually this means improvements in image quality and processing, though the imaging pipeline is similar to the 80D and most average users probably wonu2019t be able to tell the difference. This is probably responsible for the increased native ISO range to 25600 (compared to 16000 on the 80D)
Max burst shooting capacity is higher than 80D (190 vs 77 raw, unlimited vs. 110 JPG), but some of that is due to the slower burst rate.”

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