Standard Selphy CP Review Portable Printer Delivers Quality Toms Guide

“If you want good-looking prints when you’re out and about, the portable Canon Selphy CP1200 photo printer is a good choice: It produces high-quality borderless photos of up to 4 by 6 inches and offers a lot of features for $97. You get a lot of co
ectivity options, so you can print from a PC, smartphone, tablet, thumb drive or memory card. An LCD and control panel buttons allow stand-alone operation. With an optional $80 battery, you can even print while roaming off the grid.
nThe Selphy CP1200 is compact, measuring 7.1 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches when packed for travel, and weighs a little less than 2 pounds, not including paper, ink cartridge and power adapter. The small size makes the printer easy to slip into, say, a tote bag or large purse. After folding down a hinged door on the front, you insert the 18-sheet paper tray, which extends roughly 7 inches in front of the printer. The hinged lid of the paper tray serves as the output tray. The ink cassette slips into the side of the printer. If you plan to print at sizes other than 4 by 6 inches, you will need to buy a specialized tray, such as one for 2.1 x 3.4-inch cards.
Unless you’re using the optional snap-on battery pack, you’ll also need to tote the power cable and power brick, which is somewhat large, at roughly 5.1 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches. The battery is estimated to last 54 snapshots on a full charge, and takes about 4 hours to fully charge.
The CP1200’s 2.7-inch color LCD tilts up roughly 45 degrees from the top of the body, and the control panel makes it easy to change settings. The buttons are reliably responsive.
As you might imagine, four passes per print does not make the Selphy CP1200 a speed demon.
You can set up the printer on your Wi-Fi network, or use direct-co
ection Wi-Fi if a network is not available (or for printing from a Wi-Fi-enabled camera, for example). In addition to 4-by-6-inch prints you can print onto three other paper sizes: card (2.1 x 3.4 inches), L (3.5 x 4.7 inches) and 2-inch square label.

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