Standard EOS M Review A Small and Superfast Mirrorless Camera WIRED

“The mirrorless camera market was long notable for what it lacked: hardware from Nikon and Canon.
Technically Canon has had a mirrorless offering for about four years, the EOS M, but it was a low-end model that felt more like a token gesture than a real camera. Other than that, the company largely ignored the mirrorless market in favor of the DSLR. Canon fans have been hoping in vain for a more capable successor to the EOS M for some time. Now, with the new EOS M5, I can safely say the wait is over.
Canon EOS M5 7/10 Wired Small and light enough to appeal to fans of compacts. Very fast and accurate autofocus—one of the best AFs we’ve seen. Excellent electronic viewfinder and touchscreen for easy and comfortable compositions. Tired Lacks fast native lenses. There’s a lens adaptor, but it costs another $200. Viewfinder blackout is pronounced. No 4K video, which feels odd in 2017. How We Rate 1/10 A complete failure in every way
A complete failure in every way 2/10 Sad, really
Sad, really 3/10 Serious flaws; proceed with cautio
nSerious flaws; proceed with caution 4/10 Downsides outweigh upsides
Downsides outweigh upsides 5/10 Recommended with reservations
Recommended with reservations 6/10 Solid with some issues”

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