Standard EOS D PC Magazine

“We loved the Canon EOS Rebel T6s, the first camera in the company’s consumer family to incorporate premium features like a rear control wheel and a dedicated information LCD. But instead of following it up with a T7s, Canon has decided to call its successor the 77D ($899.99, body only), separating it from the Rebel line so enthusiasts will pay more attention. The 77D has a larger top information display than the T6s, and also adds a rear AF-ON button, which isn’t included in any Rebel model.
nThe 77D looks more like the 80D than a Rebel in terms of size and shape. It measures 3.9 by 5.2 by 3.0 inches (HWD) and weighs about 1.2 pounds. It’s lighter than the 80D (1.6 pounds), in part due to a lighter pentamirror viewfinder. The 80D’s pentaprism delivers a slightly larger, brighter view of the world.
You’ll find an IR receiver (for wireless remote control), the lens release button, the flash release, and a depth of field preview button on the front. As with most SLRs, the bulk of controls are on the top and rear. The Mode dial sits to the left of the hot shoe and pop-up flash and boasts a locking design. The On/Off/Video switch is nestled into the dial’s rear.
To the right of the hot shoe you get a large monochrome information LCD, bigger than the similar display on the T6s, along with a button to toggle its backlight, as well as focus point selection and ISO control buttons. The front control dial sits atop the grip, joined by the shutter release button.
Menu and Info buttons sit on the rear, to the left of the eyecup. To its right is the Live View button, which starts and stops recording in Video mode. The AF-ON button, not found on the T6s, is at the top of the rear thumb rest, with minus and plus buttons (for image review) to its right.”

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