See Brie Larsons behindthescenes photographs from Kong Skull Island USA TODAY

“Brie Larson gets the shot as war photographer Mason Weaver in ‘Kong: Skull Island.’ (Photo: Chuck Zlotnick)
Brie Larson didn’t just portray Vietnam-era war photographer Mason Weaver in Kong: Skull Island (in theaters nationwide Friday). She also shot the part.
The Oscar-wi
ing actress, 27, packed the Canon AE-1 film camera she’s had since high school and in between scenes chronicled her six-month Kong journey to Australia, Vietnam and Hawaii. On camera for Kong, Larson wielded Weaver’s Leica.
“I started taking pictures to get into Weaver’s mindset, but also because I was in such beautiful locations with such incredible, emotive actors,” says Larson. “It was a great opportunity to capture these moments.”
Months later, Larson developed the film and re-lived Kong.
“They really captured the experience,” says Larson. “And I’m just amazed that they all turned out.”
Here are excerpts from Larson’s photo journey.
High cheekbones in the bone graveyard
Tom Hiddleston as photographed by Brie Larson. (Photo: Brie Larson)”

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