Pinterests New Lens Tool Places RealWorld Objects In Digital Context Forbes

“Pinterest has unveiled a handful of new tools to find real-world objects and trends on the digital catalogue, a behavior the company calls “visual discovery.”
On Wednesday at Pinterest headquarters in San Francisco, Calif., CEO Ben Silberma
ounced the site’s three new tools: “Lens,” which lets “pi
ers” use their phone camera to search on Pinterest (a photo of a clock, for example, can generate room decor ideas with similar clocks and different arrangements); “Shop the Look,” a new button on home and fashion “pins” that surfaces related items users can buy directly on Pinterest; and “Instant Ideas,” a new button in the home feed that will surface new, personalized pin recommendations in real-time while users scroll (tapping this button on a cookie pin, for example, will surface similar desert images and recipes.)
“Everything on Pinterest is visual,” Silberma
said at Wednesday’s person. “Thatu2019s the thing about a good idea, you know it when you see it.”
“Thatu2019s what visual discovery is all about — tools to find the ideas that are your taste and your style,” Silberma

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