Pentax K a FullFrame Marvel Third Best ILC DxOMark Has Ever Tested PetaPixel blog

“DxOMark just got done taking the Pentax K-1 through its paces, and their conclusion is simple: this u2018full frame marvelu2019 boasts one of the best camera sensor theyu2019ve ever tested. In fact, itu2019s the best sensor in its price range and the third best theyu2019ve ever tested.
If youu2019re already heavily invested in Canon, Nikon, or Sony glass, this revelation might be a bit painful. If, on the other hand, youu2019re looking to pick up your first full-frame DSLR, the weather-sealed K-1 with its 36MP sensor and affordable price tag should be, in DxOMarku2019s words, u201con your short list.u201d
u201cBoasting a robust, weather-sealed construction with some interesting features, including built-in stabilization, pixel shift image merging, and Pentaxu2019s AA filter simulator, the Pentax K-1 offers a lot at a competitive price point,u201d writes DxO in their conclusion. u201cWhatu2019s more, image quality is among the best weu2019ve tested for full-frame interchangeable lens cameras.u201d
Here it is compared to the full-frame DSLRs in its price range:”

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