Ordinance XC includes XLR sound and waveform screen to the XC Newsshooter official statement blog

“Canon have today a
ounced an upgraded version of their XC10 4K compact one inch sensor camcorder. The XC10 has a useful combination of small size and high quality recording with high bitrates and professional codecs. An all-in-one lens with a good range, automated settings and a built-in ND filter make it suitable for less experienced shooters who might otherwise be deterred by interchangeable lens cameras.
The new XC15 launched today has a near-identical design and specification, but with the addition of an XLR audio pack for professional audio. The pack is in fact the same MA400 microphone adapter that is offered as an optional accessory for the C300 mkII. It mounts to the top of the camera and co
ects via a proprietary Canon co
ector on the topside of the camera.
The XC15 also has revised gamma settings that are closer to those found on Cinema EOS cameras. There is Canon Log (although not Canon Log2 or Log3) and also a production camera setting, as well as EOS standard for matching to DSLRs. This may sound like a minor change, but in practical terms it is very useful if you are trying to use a XC15 alongside a C300 or C100 on a shoot.
Another important addition to the XC15 spec for US users is the option to shoot in 24P.”

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