Ordinance India commends the soul of womanhood with WECanon DATAQUEST

“The 20th a
iversary celebrations of Canon India, the digital imaging company in the country, takes a leap forward with u2018We@Canonu2019 initiatives to recognize women power within the organisation on International Womenu2019s Day. Constantly engaging and evolving its employees, Canon holds an array of activities focussing on fostering its women talent.
WE@Canon stands for Women Empowerment at Canon where the senior women leaders are advisors to the CEO to support initiatives that can bring positive change in the organisationu2019s gender ratio. Canon India has an array of policies and initiatives that bring women to the forefront of decision making.
Speaking about the significance of its women workforce, on this International Womenu2019s Day, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India, said, u201cThe milestone achievement of our 20 glorious years in the country, would not have been possible without the equal contribution of our women workforce. Considering our employees the biggest assets, we endeavour towards ensuring equal opportunity for all our people. Be it at the workplace or at our adopted villages, we reinforce our vision of creating gender equality. Our policies and initiatives are in line with our vision to create stronger workforce where women can be leaders just like the way they lead their homes.u201d
u201cWomen today are emerging as leaders in every industry including technology. It is for us to acknowledge and honour their determination. Today, our workforce has 12.3% contribution from women employees. Vision 2020 is to nurture the talent within the organisation and level up the number of our women employees,u201d added Mr. Kobayashi.”

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