New Digital Posters Trace the History of Pentax Cameras Popular Photography Magazine

“Whether youu2019re a diehard Pentaxian or just a gear-head who loves posters, youu2019ll appreciate these free downloads from Ricoh. The first poster is a no-nonsense grid of Pentax cameras from 1959 through today, while the second poster is a bit more deliberately designed as a zigzagging timeline punctuated by decade.
Youu2019ll find a number of Pentaxu2019s greatest hits in each lineup, including its original 1979 and later 1990 release of their popular 6×7 medium-format SLRu2014a favorite of pro’s like Peter Hurley and a rare bird among cameras of that format. Many seasoned photographers might fondly recall 1975u2019s Pentax K1000, a fully manual 35mm camera that was a mainstay among students. In among the better-known cameras, youu2019ll also find fun anomalies such as the Auto 110 Super, which was an interchangeable-lens system for 110 film, popular in the 1980s and now virtually defunct.”

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