How Canons Vixia scaled down turned into a lifeline Kitchen Temp Toronto Star

“Corey Mintz gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how he uses the Vixia camera to shoot his videos. ( Rene Johnston )
The original idea was that Iu2019d shoot video while I cooked. And even if I was overconfident, I had the best intentions. Multi-tasking has gotten a bad rap in recent years, for being ineffective and bad for your brain. If youu2019ve ever tried to send wedding invitations while driving a car, you know that itu2019s not possible to truly do two things at once, at least not well. But when I came up with the idea for the Kitchen Temp column u2014 me cooking in a different restaurant every week u2014 it wasnu2019t an option to have video shot the way weu2019d like. This is not a television show, with a separate crew member for lighting, sound and so on. A newspaper column and video series doesnu2019t have that kind of budget. Yes, the Star could send a photographer. And all photojournalists now do double duty, multiple cameras slung around their necks to capture stills and video for the same stories. But a staff photographer shoots several assignments a day. They need to be in and out in an hour, two tops. The concept of the column is for me to experience what itu2019s like to work in a restaurant kitchen. In some kitchens Iu2019ve spent as little as four hours. But itu2019s also gone on for 12-hour shifts. You canu2019t have a photographer stay that long. And you canu2019t know in advance what time youu2019ll want them to be there, what youu2019ll need them to capture. The solution, at first, was that I would juggle knives and camera, moving back and forth between the cooking tasks in each restaurant and the need to snag footage of what was going on around me.
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