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“Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ)
Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ) posted earnings of $0.37/Share in the previous quarter, as compared to earnings of $0.55/share estimated by analysts. The difference between the estimated and actual earnings was $-0.18 per share.
Among analysts who offered their Analysis on Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ)u20140 analysts issued Strong buy for the stock, 0 analysts have given a Buy rating, 0 think itu2019s a HOLD, 1 reported it as Underperform, while 0 analyst issued a Sell rating. (These Recommendations are reported by Yahoo Finance and are only for the Current Month)
Growth Estimate for Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ) is projected at -39.5 percent in the Current Quarter and 29.4 percent in the Next Quarter, according to analysts. The growth estimate for the next five years is 3 percent (per a
um). Comparatively, growth in the past five years was -17.06 percent (per a
A number of analysts offered their Estimated Earnings analysis for Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ) for the current quarter. 1 analysts projected on average Earnings. The High end of the forecast is $0.23/share, while the Low end is $0.23/share.
Average Revenue Estimate for the current quarter is $7.01 Billion, according to consensus forecast of 1 analysts. The High end of the Estimate is $7.01 Billion, while the Low end of the Estimate is $7.01 Billion. The company had Year Ago Sales of $0.”

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