Groups C GS PL silver screen camera will be accessible in July for a cool Digital Trends

“Why it matters to you The high-end camera fixes the lingering
Canon has finally a
ounced availability of its $38,000, 4.2K C700 GS PL. The top-of-the-line cinema camera will begin shipping in July, a full 10 months after it was a
ounced along with the standard C700 in September of last year. For many filmmakers, the wait may be well worth it, as the C700 GS PL employs a global shutter (hence the u201cGSu201d), erasing one of the most common complaints of shooting video on CMOS sensor-based cinema cameras, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras.
A global shutter differs from a standard electronic rolling shutter by recording every pixel at exactly the same moment. Most CMOS sensors read out pixels line by line, which causes issues when shooting fast-moving subjects or when pa
ing the camera quickly. The top of the sensor sees a different moment from the bottom of the sensor which leads to a skewed image. A global shutter corrects this, ensuring that vertical lines remain vertical and any motion is accurately recorded.”

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