Group XL Focus FS and Final Cut Pro HD Studio Daily

“STEP 1: Co
ect the FireStore FS-4 to your DV camcorder
Mount the FireStore FS-4 onto the metal backplate of the Canon XL2. Co
ect a FireWire DV cable from the DV In/Out port of the XL2 to the DV I/O port of the FS-4.
STEP 2: Set up the Canon XL2 to capture 24p in widescreen 16:9
Power ON the XL2 and choose your favorite exposure mode. Set the Aspect Ratio switch to 16:9. Set the Frame Rate switch to 24p. Press the XL2 Menu button and enter “Camera Setup.” Select either 2:3 or 2:3:3:2 Mode (the FS-4 will record either mode). Next, scroll to the XL2 “System” page to “DV Control,” select “ON.” The XL2 is now ready to capture in 24p widescreen and control the FS-4. Tape is now optional because youu2019re co
ected to FireStore.
STEP 3: Set the record format on the FireStore FS-4
Power ON the FS-4. With the front navigation keypad, navigate to the “HDD MODE” page and select “DV RECORDER.” Navigate to the “DV FORMATS” page. Select “QUICKTIME 24P” to edit your DTE capture files in Final Cut Pro HD, or choose “AVI TYPE2 24P” for use with other NLEu2019s. Make sure that you properly set up the Date and Time within the FS-4 “SETUP” menu. This will ensure that your DTE capture files are named properly according to the actual time and date of your shoot.”

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