Group PowerShot G X Mark II survey Stuff

“I canu2019t complain about the G7 X Mk IIu2019s photos though. Whatever scenario you find yourself in, you can pretty much leave this camera in u2018autou2019 mode and still get a decent shot.
Inside it there’s a 1in, 20.1MP sensor – so that’s smaller than the one on the Fuji X70 but the same size as that on the RX100. You also get a 4.2x optical zoom with a variable aperture of f/1.8 – f/2.8. That’s equivalent to a 24-100mm zoom range and is actually pretty good; the RX100 is only 24-70mm in comparison, and the Fuji doesn’t zoom at all.
Focusing is sharp – even in low light – and that wide aperture gives you the chance to create some sweet shallow-depth-of-field effects.”

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