Group EOS D audit Consistency exemplified Expert Reviews

“The Canon 700D has long been one of our favourite cameras, the brand has long become synonymous with DSLRs (along with Nikon of course) and this is one of its greatest mid-range models of all time. However, cameras aren’t novels or albums and so it must eventually stand aside for something better still. In this case that’ll be the Canon 750D and 760D, the two cameras are technically identical but the 760D caters for enthusiasts (with a top-mounted information LCD and extra mode dial) while the more basic 750D has less controls and is aimed at novices who still want good image quality.
Of course with those two cameras coming out, you’ll see some bargain prices on the 700D, so is it worth considering this older model?
The 700D has become the mainstay of Canon’s range but not for much longer …
Design and features
Canon undoubtedly makes some fantastic SLRs, but for its three-digit consumer models, we’ve found in the past that this reputation is somewhat unwarranted. Perhaps this is because rivals have had to try that little bit harder to compete. The Nikon D5200 has a 39-point autofocus sensor, compared to the 700D’s nine points. The Pentax K-30 has a significantly larger viewfinder and dual command dials u2013 features that are only available in pricier EOS models.”

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