Goondu survey Canon Powershot GX Mark II Techgoondu

“With smartphones becoming the camera of choice for everyday photos, itu2019s hard not to wonder what will happen to compact shooters that were once the versatile tools for so many things.
Clearly, Canon still believes they have a role to play. Its Powershot G9X Mark II is positioned as a slim, premium offering for folks who want good image quality with style.
For the most part, the new camera is not a lot different from its predecessor. It has the same lens, the equivalent of a 28-84mm with f2.0-4.9 aperture. It has the same controls with the lens barrel ring that makes using the camera a much better experience over smartphones.
Whatu2019s new is the DIGIC 7 image processor under the hood. It promises better image capture in low light situations.
The increased speed also makes it easier to fire with simple burst shot mode and continuous tracking. Thatu2019s great for shooting with the kids or pets but anything more demanding and youu2019d probably need a more capable camera system.
For the most part, the pictures from the camera are definitely better than what I can take with most smartphones, though smartphone cameras are improving by leaps and bounds.”

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