Camera Gear List for Shooting Video by Clinton Stark Insider

“Camera Gear List for Shooting Video by Clinton Stark
For those that have asked about the camera gear that I use to make videos for Stark Insider, or are looking for some ideas about camera models and accessories to buy for video production projects, hereu2019s my list of goodies (see below). I hope it helps.
Iu2019ve been shooting for about 10 years now. Mostly on a Canon DSLR camera. But also on RED, Blackmagic, Sony, Panasonic and often whatever smartphone was at hand. There really is a lot of amazing camera tech out there. Ultimately I believe it comes down to our imaginations. How can we dare to creatively push the envelope? Be different? Yes, failure is an option. But not giving it our best shot (literally) is not. If someone asked me how to get started Iu2019d recall what I did: get out there, hit record and see what happens. And, most importantly, enjoy the journey. Practice, practice, practice. Make mistakes. Learn. And never look back.
Happy shooting! From a guy still on that journey,
Canon Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
Price: $3,999 (BH Photo Video) u2013 this is $1,500 less than I paid (sniff, sniff) Ah, Canon C100. My workhorse. Fantastic image. Files donu2019t take up too much space. Battery goes for hours. This is a great camera for live events, documentary style shoots, backstage interviews (where it can be dark), and music videos too. Rock solid. A fantastic camera. If Canon ever releases a Mark III or C200 I would buy it in a heartbeat.
Canon EOS 80D
Price: $1,099 (Amazon) When I want to be discrete Iu2019m usually shooting on a Canon EOS 80D DSLR. I can look like a tourist if I want, and get shots that wouldnu2019t be possible with a rigged out C100 (or Sony FS5/FS7). Also, Iu2019ve discovered over the years people are often more relaxed in front of a small DSLR.
Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera
Price: $995 (Amazon) u2013 donu2019t forget youu2019ll need to add an external monitor as the BMMCC has no built-in display Blackmagic is an interesting company. Based out of Australia, theyu2019re often seen as a poor manu2019s RED. Thereu2019s been some quality control issues with their cameras in the past so I wouldnu2019t recommend them in production environments. But when I want to get really creative, I love the Super 16 look something like this Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera (four thirds mount) offers up. Itu2019s small and Iu2019ve rigged it up ever so simply. It doesnu2019t cost a fortune, and since it uses SD cards, storage is dirt cheap.
Sony Alpha a6000
Price: $648 (Amazon) u2013 great price for a well-regarded APS-C mirrorless with 24MP sensor A tiny APS-C camera, the Sony Alpha a6000 is ideal for throwing into a bag, or jacket pocket. Perfect for capturing stills and some basic 1080p video, itu2019s really an impressive mirrorless camera.
I own about a dozen or so lenses. Mostly Canon. Mostly EF mount. I like EF because itu2019s quite universal. You can use them on REDs (like the superb Raven and Scarlet-W) and on Sonys and others with adapters (I like the ones from a company called Metabones). I highly recommend trying to buy the best glass you can. Unlike camera bodies, lenses tend to hold their value well over time u2014 at least for the good ones. Canon 24-105mm f/4 IS USM : handy all-rounder. Good for run-and-gun. I wish it had slightly wider field of view as 24mm on a crop sensor like the C100 and 80D can be tight at times.
handy all-rounder. Good for run-and-gun. I wish it had slightly wider field of view as 24mm on a crop sensor like the C100 and 80D can be tight at times. Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM : for interviews and landscape shots. Big and heavy. I donu2019t use it much, but when I do itu2019s beautiful. My most expensive lens. I waited to get a 30% coupon from Canon and was able to get it at a nice discount.”

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